Feb 6, 2012

Bryan & Brieanne Smith

Weddings! Love them! My best friend and my cousin got married in November. Let me tell you their long story in short story format- I met Brieanne when we both worked at Deseret Book Winter of 2009. We clicked instantly. We got back massages together, when on several double dates, danced to music, and had the best time. See the thing is I love to set people up & Brieanne was my victim. I set her up with at least ten guys. Seriously. In May of 2009 I moved back to Texas and met Bryan (I am related to half of the people in East Texas). Bryan was going on a trip to Utah. So I told him to look up Brieanne. He did. Finally after a bijillion set ups that Brieanne had to endure, she finally met her Mr. Right, who happens to be my cousin! She is stuck in the family foreverI'm so happy for Brieanne & Bryan. It was such a joyous moment to be a part of their forever moment. 

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