Jun 19, 2011

Pictures of Jennifer Lee!

I didn't make you wait too long for the lovely pictures of Miss Jennifer Lee. I have a sprained wrist so I won't be writing too much. (Moped accident. Read more about it on my other blog) Back to Jennifer. She is beautiful. Gorgeous hair. Gorgeous eyes. Love this girl! She has such a beautiful light around her, is a good way to put it. I met her my first Monday when I moved to Provo, Utah. She is my next door neighbor. We had such a blast taking pictures. We defiantly laughed a lot and then some! (: I'm so thrilled she let me take her pictures! The best part of being a photographer is seeing the reaction when a person looks at her pictures. She loved them! && I hope you love them as much as I do! This is her forever moment. 

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