May 25, 2011

Now in Provo, Utah!

Hello Utahns! We have move to Provo and will reside here to further notice (hopefully not for awhile)! I'm pretty darn excited about this next adventure here. It's beautiful, the weather is lovely, the mountains are my favorite part, and the people are so friendly. Now we get to go out and discover where the best places to take pictures are. It's funny when you are a photographer and you find a doorway would be an amazing place to take a picture. And it truly would. It is a warm brown with stones on the side and plants hanging down. If you can't imagine it, it is quiet lovely. (: There will be pictures of it soon!

Here are the latest pictures taken as my new home in Provo is. Also, a lovely girl named Susan Miranda let me take a couple snap shots of her. (Thank you SueSue). I hope you enjoy pictures of the Provo, Temple also. One of my favorite places to be. There is also a rock behind the Temple which reminds my of Lion King. Hope you enjoy the pictures. This is my forever moment.

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