Apr 19, 2011

High School Prom!

Young love, falling head over heals, dreaming of the day when I was able to finally get my hair all fancy and look beautiful in my dream dress! Oh, high school prom! (: Bring back memories for other people? It does for me! I remember when I went to my first prom-my sister did my hair and I borrowed my other sister's gorgeous dress. I felt so beautiful! Now six years later, here I am taking pictures of the beautiful Missy & her lovely friends & dates. What I loved about this crowd there were two girls named Sarah and Pookey who went stag! They were gorgeous and amazing! (: Such confidence! This photo shoot brought back so many memories. I hope you as you look on, you will be able to see the moments these kids had. Being so young and so full of life. Enjoy. This is their forever moment. 

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